Predictive Analytics

Best Marketing Analytics Books

Best Marketing Analytics Books


If you are looking to learn more about Marketing Analytics, whether it is Digital Marketing Analytics, Marketing Mix Modelling, Marketing Attribution, or even TV and Offline spend effectiveness, there are several books that might be of help.

Introductory Marketing Analytics Books

To start understanding Marketing Analytics and how it can help your business, I recommended reading one of the following books. 

1. Predictive Analytics by Eric Siegel

A very interesting and rather fascinating introduction to Predictive Analytics. The best thing about this book is that it gives you literally hundreds of real life examples of how analytics can being applied to Marketing, Finance, Risk Management, Logistics, Healthcare an the list goes on and on. With regards to Marketing for instance, it explains how predictive analytics can help in Customer Churn Modelling or better Targeting. 

Bear in mind however that this book is just an introduction to Predictive Analytics, and it does not explain the more technical details of how these methods should be implemented. You will not find here any fancy formulas or algorithms. This book will however make Predictive Analytics sound so beneficial and powerful, that it will inspire you to go an immediately try to learn more about this topic. You can easily purchase this book on Amazon (link here)

2. Predictive Marketing by Omer Artun

This book would be my second recommended choice as an introductory Marketing Analytics book. It doesn’t go too deep into details of tools or algorithms. This books however gives a few more marketing specific examples of applying predictive analytics in the marketing world. It elaborates a bit more around Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), Retargeting or building accurate and complete Customer Profiles. 

I personally was quite disappointed with this book. A lot of of the content seemed too obvious and repetitive, and all in all this book didn’t quite give me anything more than the book by Eric Siegel did. So if you are you looking for a Marketing Analytics primer, my favourite definitely has been the book by Eric Siegel mentioned earlier.

Predictive Marketing by Omer Artun can be purchased on Amazon (link here).

Hands-on, Step-by-Step Marketing Analytics Books

1. Data Smart by John W. Foreman

This book is written by John Foreman, the Chief Data Scientist at Mailchimp. You will not be disappointed with this book. Truly a great book, and all you need to apply what you will learn is Excel. The book shows you step by step how to use Excel for a variety of Analytics techniques, such as Cluster Analysis, using Solver, Network Graphs, Forecasting, Regression, Decision Trees, Outliers Detection and more. 

The book comes with available  to download example files. Towards the end of the book Mr Foreman also gives you a very light introduction to R software. I very strongly recommend this book for anyone who wants to make the most of data science, without having to learn any of the statistical theories or complicated software first, and all the tools you need here is just Excel. A really good book, and one that I very often go back to.

You can purchase this book online on Amazon (link here).

2. Marketing Analytics by Wayne L. Winson

I have saved the best for last. This is a ver thick book with lots of real life examples and step-by-step guides of using Excel for Marketing Analytics. The book starts with some basic data manipulation techniques in Excel, such as Pivot tables, Pivot Charts, creating Histograms and writing functions. But then after this light introduction, the book covers many very practical topics helpful in day to day business.

It has plenty of detailed use cases, such as setting the right price, estimating demand, using regression for forecasting, modelling trend and seasonality, cluster analysis and the list goes on and on. My most favourite topics in this books where related to Customer Value, Market Segmentation, and Media Selection. This is a very thick book with lots of topics covered. Written in a very easy to follow language with very clear instructions and also example files available to download. In fact this is the book I most often go back to when I need to extra resources or just for inspiration.

This book can be also purchased on Amazon (link here)