YouTube Competitor Monitoring Tool in Google Sheets

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  • Monitor how many new YouTube Subscribers your competitors get every day (or week, month etc). 
  • Monitor how many views particular YouTube videos have received


  • Google Sheet Formulas + Google Macros


  • FREE 


  • EASY 

Google Sheets can be easily used in order to monitor YouTube channel performance of your competitors. Let’s say you had 10 competitors on YouTube and you would like to see their daily Subscribers growth over time, or Views for each of the Videos published.

This can be achieved using freely available Google Sheets, using a combination of IMPORTXML formula, Google Sheet Macros and Triggers.

Although this is not necessary, you can also use Google Data Studio (free platform) to visualise these YouTube stats and share among your clients or colleagues, using interactive dashboards in Data Studio. 

Note that when it comes to getting competitor data from YouTube, you will be limited to the information that is available for the public to see (such as Video Views & Subscribers). In other words, you will not be able to immediately see all of the historical data, but only the current stats. But the sooner you setup your daily (or weekly) tracker using Google Sheets, you will be able to monitor your competitors’ channel growth over time. 

There are also other ways to pull competitor YouTube stats, such as using Python or R scripts, but they require more technical knowledge and expertise. Google Sheets solution however is very quick and easy to implement, and in most cases will meet your needs.

You can Download free YouTube Competitor Monitor Template in Google Sheets from here. And don’t forget to watch the video  to better understand how the template can be used.

Hope you found this useful. Feel free to get in touch should you need our support or have other requirements.